Artwork of Tseng

Tseng is a character appearing in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Originating from Final Fantasy VII, Tseng is the director of the Turks. He was in charge of the operation that sent the Turks to the Radiant Garden to protect the town's citizens during the chaos of the Forsaken.

Journal EntryEdit

Tseng is a stern, no-nonsense, and sometime temperamental member of the Turks.

His men tend to be extremely loyal to him.

He was the leader of the operation to protect 'Radiant Garden's citizens.


"All I'm saying is that we can't trust her. She may well end up a traitor. We cannot have a single weak link in our chain of defenses here. It is for that reason that I won't allow any strangers to participate in Turk protocol."
—Tseng's feelings about Dawn

Leader of the operation that discharged the Turks to the Radiant Garden , Tseng met Dawn for the first time when Vincent Valentine arrived with her at his side during a rendesvous. Suggesting that it'd be easier to protect all portions of the town if the group spread out, Tseng reluctantly allowed Dawn to join their ranks as Vincent's partner. He then agreed to let Vincent go off-mission to pursue an ominous force he had sensed, Tseng later recognizing Dawn's valor after she defeated a massive Forsaken in the town square with Vincent's help. He said he'd be honored if Dawn stayed to see through the end of the Turks' mission, even willing to make her the operation's new leader. He eventually agreed, however, that it was best she left the world if she desired.


Tseng is stern man who accepts no nonsense, and is very careful when choosing alliances. Hesitant and cautious around Dawn, he does not like it when she interferes with Turk business. He later sees reason when she proves herself to him and he is persuaded to think otherwise of the girl via the other Turks. He is extremely protective, aiding in the evacuation of the townspeople when the Borough is attacked by a massive Forsaken. He then ensures Vincent be left undesturbed when he chooses to seal himself away in a coffin deep within the catacombs beneath the town.


Tseng wears the traditional Turk attire, his black hair tied back in a short ponytail. Very stern, his cold eyes enhance his pale skin.


  • Tseng was not supposed to appear in original concept, as he was too close in appearance to fellow appearing Turk, Vincent Valentine.