Japanese ルルド
Romaji Rurudo
Home world
English voice actor(s) Robin Atkin Downes
Japanese voice actor(s) Jōji Nakata

Ruldo is the original persona of Luxord, debuting in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Residing in Radiant Garden, he lives life as an entertainer and magician. It is his magical abilities that allow him to use his cards as weapons.

Journal EntryEdit

A flirtatious magician residing in Radiant Garden.

Having a cruel sense of humor, it is his dark deeds that

serve as the source of his punishment of being cast into the Realm of Darkness.


Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade WarEdit

When he arrives in the Radiant Garden, Shadow encounters Ruldo at a booth in one of the town's alleys, falling for one of the enigma's game-like scams. The two battle, Ruldo's actions eventually getting him cast into the Realm of Darkness as punishment. It was over the course of his time in the Dark Realm that he lost his heart due to gained insanity and increased manipulation of the darkness around him, leading to the creation of his Heartless, and his Nobody, Luxord.


Ruldo basically has the same appearance as his Nobody Luxord, wearing an elaborate tuxedo. Highly polished, several earrings decorate his ear. While Luxord has a full mustache, beard, and goatee, Ruldo only bears the mustache. He has intense blue eyes and good looks, having long, gold, and elegant hair.


Ruldo is, in his own words, a "lady's man." Using charm and good looks to attract those of the opposite gender, he is a born comedian and entertainer. He has his moments of calm silence, however, but is not afraid to let his dark side loose. A schemer who loves playing pranks on the weak-minded as he shows off his skills with cards, dice, and other magic tricks. Using a clever mind to steal money for gambling done during free time, his actions often have a deadly consequence. This leaves Ruldo always on the run.

Fighting StyleEdit

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Ruldo fights using magic, wielding cards and dice in battle. He can transform opponents into cards and dice, also able to enchant objects around him to do his bidding. He is relatively slow in movement, walking around the battlefield and using magic to teleport if the enemy is too close.

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