Japanese レレナ
Romaji Rerena
Home world Graceful Borough
Role Ruldo / Shadow's lover
Origin Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War
English voice actor(s) Shanelle Gray
Japanese voice actor(s) Yūko Miyamura

Relena is a character making her debut in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War, and was the original persona of Organization XIII's Larxene. The main and most loyal love interest of Ruldo, the man soon becomes very jealous when Relena falls for Shadow instead. As a result of this jealousy, he drags Relena into the Realm of Darkness along with him during his banishment after tormenting Shadow.

Journal EntryEdit

The most beautiful and sought after girl residing in Radiant Garden.

Her heart lay with the town's comedian, magician, and prankster, Ruldo, at least until

Shadow arrived. Ruldo's great jealousy led him to drag her into the Realm of Darkness.


Ruldo's lover until he lost the battle with Shadow, Relena soon developed a crush on the visiting Keyblade master, much to his displeasure. When Shadow left the Radiant Garden despite Relena's protests, he left her heartbroken. Relena doing all in her power to hide her feelings, she was granted an unpleasant surprise when a return to the town square revealed a grousome sight; Ruldo was being forced into a corridor of darkness. Using his powers, Ruldo then forced Relena in with him just as the portal closed, sealing her forever in the Realm of Darkness.

As the years passed, Relena became a sadistic and unforgiving being. Her heart became consumed by lust and thoughts of revenge, eventually causing her to lose her heart, Larxene now born, having no memories of Ruldo, her newly developed personality remaining.


Relena is extremely devoted to her friends, and is a romantic by nature. She has only one love, at least until one she feels is better suited for her is revealed. Finding the embarassment and discomfort her beauty induces on those she meets laughable, her heart is easy to break, the opposite of what one would expect.

After being heartbroken when Shadow leaves the Graceful Borough, and later betrayed out of the jealousy of her old love Ruldo, she became a vengeful, sadistic being, her only goal to invoke pain and disorder upon others, this now becoming her favorite passtime, rather than wooing the boys.


In Ruldo's own words, Relena is the most beautiful creature to ever live in the Graceful Borough. Having shoulder-length blonde hair and long bangs that hang loosely on the sides of her head, her face hosts perfect complexion, as well as rose-red lips and intense green eyes.


  • Creators of Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War stated that of all characters created for, debuting, or returning in the game, Relena's role was the hardest to establish.