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Japanese イエンツォ
Romaji Ientso
Home world
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Ienzo is a character appearing in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War and the original persona of Zexion. Along with his close friend, and fellow orphan, Dymé, the three year old Ienzo resides on the world known as Radiant Garden.


Ienzo, orphaned at a young age, met a fellow orphan named Dymé. The two lived with each other, surviving as sneak thieves to get by. One day, when Ienzo attempts to steal ice cream and a small amount of money from Dawn, Dawn catches the two boys and lectures them for stealing things. She began to lose patience with them until she learned they were orphans.

Dawn then asks Scrooge McDuck if there is any place could go in order to be safe. Scrooge points out Ansem's castle, and mentions that the caretaker of the castle would be happy to take them. Dawn took the boys to the castle, only to be stopped by Dilan and Aeleus. Soon after this denial, Dawn meets Even. Even reluctantly took the boys, but promised that they would live happily as Ansem's apprentices. Satisfied with that, Dawn leaves Dymé and Ienzo to Even.

Although Ienzo liked living as an apprentice, Dymé had other plans, and abandoned the castle, and Ienzo at that. As Dymé struts out of the castle, Ienzo follows him, unbeknown by Dymé. Dymé's lust and greed for a better life caused the Corridor of Darkness to appear. Ienzo was the only witness of Dymé strutting into the portal, and never returning. The shock and and abandonment of his losing his friend tortured Ienzo. When he brought the problem before Even, the scientist showed almost no grief, stating matter such as this was insignificant compared with the prosperity of science. Thus, Ienzo was cursed into a state of depression and silence.

Ienzo would spend over 5 years as Ansem's apprentice. His and the other apprentices actions in meddling with darkness would eventually lead Ienzo to being banished into the Realm of Darkness. Over time, he would lose his heart, creating his Nobody, Zexion. The Nobody would have no memories of his former friend.